Amish Quilt Raffle

In connection with our Annual Honky-Tonk Happy Hour February 9, 2017, we raffled a hand-stitched Amish Quilt.   The lucky winner is betty pierson

Thank you to all that PURCHASED tickets.

Description: Authentic Amish quilt acquired from a semi-annual Amish quilt auction in Lancaster County, PA.  Quilt is sewn in a beautiful Mariner’s Compass patchwork pattern using fabrics that are black, burgundy and floral.  Hearts are delicately stitched on the quilt top with 32 points radiating from the center of the compass star.  Quilt is completely hand-made with 6-8 stitches per inch and will fit a queen/king size bed (96” X 114).  History names the mariner’s compass as one of the earliest quilting designs in America.  Mariner’s compass is a symbol of the sea, a guide for the traveler and a tribute to the captains who transported thousands of immigrants to their new homeland.


Mariner's Compass pattern