Our Mission

The Alice L. Haltom Educational Fund exists for the purpose of furthering education in the field of information and records management. It is supported by contributions from various chapters of the ARMA International, companies, individuals, and other organizations. The Houston ARMA Chapter created the Fund in 1985 to honor Alice L. Haltom CRM at retirement for her untiring efforts to improve the profession of information and records management during her career that spanned more than three decades.

Mailing Address

Alice L Haltom Educational Fund
P.O. Box 70530
Houston, Texas 77270


  • Students who are citizens of U.S. or Canada and actively pursuing an education for a career in information and records management.
  • The maximum award for students in an Associate degree program is $1,000. The maximum award for a Bachelors or Advanced Degree is $2,000.

    The number of scholarships to be awarded per school year shall be determined by the Fund Trustees.

Application Deadline is
May 1st Each Year

Application Guidelines

  • Applicants must submit a completed scholarship application form provided by the Trust Administration.
  • Three (3) letters of recommendation are required from employers, instructors, or individuals.
  • A copy of the most current, official school transcript must be provided.

    Applications for the Alice L. Haltom Educational Fund Scholarship must be submitted by May 1 the year of the funding.


  • Notification of scholarship awards will be made in July.
  • Awarded funds will be disbursed by the Fund upon written proof of:
    • Enrollment in an accredited institution
    • Class schedule
    • Receipts for tuition, fees, or books
  • Grades for the school year for which funds were awarded will be sent to the Executive Director of the Fund as soon as the grades are available.

ARMA Houston Annual Conference Sponsorship

  • Each year the Alice L. Haltom Education Fund offers free registrations to the ARMA Houston Annual Conference (usually held in April).
  • Sponsorship requirements are outlined in our application which is posted in January of each year.
  • If you are selected, your registration fee will be paid. Travel and all other expenses will not be covered.

Funds Use

The Alice L. Haltom Educational Fund was established to promote and advance the field of records and information management and related disciplines through study, education and research. It is a two part program:

  • Scholarships are awarded to college students specializing in programs leading to careers in records and information management.
  • Grants are given to organizations or individuals within the records and information management field. Applicants must show how support will contribute to the discipline of records and information management.
    Need more information? Send your questions to our email address at


The Alice L. Haltom Educational Fund was established by the Houston Chapter of ARMA as a non-profit Texas Corporation and contributions are tax deductible (IRS approved 501c3.) In order to appropriately recognize contributions, the following levels of donations have been established:


  $25 or more


  $50 or more

$100 or more


$250 or more


$500 or more

Applications and contributions can be mailed to:

Alice L Haltom Educational Fund
P.O. Box 70530
Houston, Texas 77270

All contributions are acknowledged in the ARMA Houston Newsletter and our website.

Contact information for Alice L. Haltom Educational Fund Board of Trustees

Application Deadline is May 1st Each Year

The Alice L. Haltom Educational Fund Celebrates 30 years! Commemorative 30 year pins are available for a $10 donation!

Get your pin at the next ARMA Houston Chapter meeting. Want to see your name in print? Donate $25 or more and your name will be listed as a Friend of Alice!

Thanks for supporting the Alice L. Haltom Educational Fund!

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ALHEF Board of Trustees extends sincere thanks to Theatre Suburbia and the cast and crew of Murder by Natural Causes! Your support of The Alice L. Haltom Educational Fund is appreciated.

2015 recipients for the ALHEF's ARMA Spring Conference Sponsorship:
Karen Henderson, Ed Slayden and Diane Walker

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